One Year

One year. So much can happen in one year. A child can be conceived and born. A house can be built. A team can make it to the championship game and...lose. A family can grow through adoption. A family can pay off debt. A child can graduate high school and step out into the world of college. A president can come into office. A person can surrender their life to Christ. The list is almost limitless because a year can be both long and short. It can feel like a never-ending run or it can seem to have slipped away in the blink of an eye.

One year has come and gone since the day I said goodbye to my dad. Four of us gathered around him, prayed over him, cried over him, pleaded with God, and hoped. We were with him when his heart stopped beating this side of heaven. We were with him when he strode into another place. He was walking in the presence of God while we were weeping at his side. That day, in some ways, seems like it couldn't possibly be one whole year ago, yet it is. Today, I have spent one year walking in this place without my dad.

The past year has had slow moments and fast moments. There have been tears and laughter. There have been joys and sorrows. There have been crushing moments of sadness that have felt unbearable. There have been joyous moments of celebration that have felt wrong.

As this second year without my dad begins, I want to remember. I want to remember him, his laughter, his smile, his outlook on life, his love and care for others. I want to remember his encouragement, his faith, his stories. I want to remember...and never forget.

I love you, Dad! I miss you more than I can say in words.


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