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Hidden Away

I'm snug in my big chair in my room while my husband is out in the living room with our four kids.  It was one of those days where I knew I needed some alone time.  My husband is so sweet and is very giving in terms of letting me have time for writing or thinking or praying or crying or whatever it is I need on any given occasion.  I've been reading a book by Lisa Whelchel entitled Friendship for Grown-Ups .  I'm thoroughly enjoying the book, if enjoyment is the right word.  Since my husband and I have returned to my home state over 13 months ago finding friends has been a struggle for me.  This book speaks to so many things I have gone through in my life and my friendships.  Vulnerability is necessary, but it isn't necessarily "safe."  How do we find friends that we can feel safe with, that won't share our secrets, that want to have the same level of relationship that we desire, etc.?  Where is that person (or those persons)?  It feels kind of like that s