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Things to Remember

Life can be busy, hectic, and downright overwhelming when you have three children ages 4 and under in your home.  Then they all get sick with the flu and life becomes a routine of medicine to keep their fevers down, snuggles to keep them comfortable, and new levels of whining and moaning that I didn't know could happen in our home.  The thing is that in the middle of all the goop and yuck of sickness a truth still exists about having so many little ones at once - life is full of joy, laughter, discovery, new adventure, cute comments, learning, and lots of hugs.  Whether my three little blessings are sick or not, they still are a source of constant enjoyment for me.  When I'm overwhelmed by all the responsibility of leading them, training them, teaching them, guiding them, and (most importantly) loving them, I have to remember that I wouldn't trade these delightful children for anything in this world.  God has chosen to entrust us with precious little lives, and I want to al