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Recipe #22 - Banana Split Smoothies

Very yummy!      

Recipe #21 - Bow-Thai Chicken

We made this meal last night with a recipe from Pillsbury Bake-Off from May of 2005.  This recipe was really good and fairly simple.  We had plenty too.  I thought it was just a bit too spicy, but Tony really enjoyed it and the kids both ate some of it.  We had a salad and garlic bread with it.  Yum!  Tony helped quite a lot with this meal: prepping the chicken, etc.  (Really he did most of the work.)  I would definitely make it again - even the leftovers were good! Here's the recipe:

Recipe #20 - English Toffee No-Bake Cheesecake

Recipe #19 - Cheddar Broccoli Bake

This side dish was absolutely delicious and a little naughty.  My 3-year-old and my 17-month-old loved it and ate second (and third for my daughter) helpings!  Another thing that's great is that it's easy to make.  This would be good with chicken as a main course.  Definitely on our repeat list.  This recipe was taken from Pillsbury Casseroles from October of 2000. For the recipe, go to:   

Recipe #18 - Peachy Fruit Smoothies

Made these delicious smoothies last night for my hubby and me.  Yum!!  Didn't know if the blender was going to make it through all that yummy goodness, but it did.  Well worth it!  My husband liked his, and he's not a big peach fan.  I highly recommend these tasty treats, and I am looking forward to trying more smoothie recipes very soon!!  This recipe was taken from... Here's the recipe: