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Eleven: Exercise, Day 11

Just a quick note to say that I have now exercised 11 days in a row!  Yay!  So excited!  I rode nearly 3 3/4 miles in 16.5 minutes today.  I am looking forward to seeing where God is taking me through all of this!  He is so good!  Blessings, friends!

Eleven: Exercise, Day 7

I have now exercised 7 days in a row.  To some what I'm about to say may seem unimpressive, but for me, this is a big step in the right direction.  I have ridden my recumbent bike a total of 13.76 miles in a little over 65 minutes.  I know it's a sad place to be when it takes over an hour to go 13.5 miles, but I am thankful for the routine of regular exercise and the discipline of it too.  What a joy it is to know that I am taking steps in the direction of better health and physical fitness!  I'm working toward taking better care of the physical body God blessed me with/entrusted to me. I have started reading Every Body Matters by Gary Thomas to go along with my exercise/physical fitness month.  I am very intrigued by what he is discussing in this book and find it to be an easy read.  I now strongly desire to find an activity that I can do to increase my physical fitness!  I knew before that I wanted to improve my eating habits and those of my family, but now I want more

Eleven: Break 1

I finished my 4 weeks of study yesterday!  I am so glad that I started with the foundation of God's word.  Every morning I was able to spend time doing my study, reading God's word, and praying.  It was good to get into the routine (I know some may not appreciate that) of having time every morning with God and His word.  I would love to be able to continue my "study" time, but I hope to make a few changes.  I want to get to bed earlier at night so that I can get up earlier in the morning.  It would be nice to have an hour, give or take, every morning to just connect with God.  I also want to find a book or method to bring me deeper into His word.  Sometimes although study books are a good jumping off point, they can be a bit limiting.  I want to study the things that are on my heart, that I face every day, that nag at me, etc.  I also want to make Scripture memory part of my study time.  I feel very strongly that I (and others) need to hide God's word away in my h