God is good...even when life is hard

Life is hard.  This is not new information for many of you.  I pray it's not your life motto right now.  Instead, I hope your life motto is more along the lines of: God is good even when life is hard.  That's something to hang onto and embrace.  You can count to ten and then remind yourself: God is good even when life is hard.  It's a simple thing to acknowledge the truth of that statement, and remind yourself that it doesn't just have to be: life is hard.  God's goodness flows over the hardness of life and smooths away some of the jagged edges.
This is a good reminder for me right now as some struggles are happening in my family.  I try hard to not put my family's concerns out in the public eye because I don't feel that's necessary.  However, with one of our recent struggles, I have turned to five dear ladies for prayer.  They are my prayer warriors, and I am beyond thankful for them.  If it weren't for my Abba Father, my handsome honey, and my five praying friends, I would be having a very difficult time right now.  Don't get me wrong...life is hard right now.  Not all of it.  Just pieces here and there.  The truth is: God is good even when life is hard.  That's my driftwood in these big life waves.  True the waves could seem bigger than they truly are because my focus is directed too much toward the struggle and not enough toward my Abba Father.  Our focus needs to be first on Him.  We need to run to Him first...a reminder from a wise woman on Tuesday morning.  He has to fill the hole in my heart that is just His size.  I can go to Him with everything...He wants me to.  This is a time when I need to do just that.  Prayer needs to be right at the top of everything I do.  Everything!  Not an afterthought.  Not just when it's a really big thing or when I can't figure out the solution in my own mind.  Every time.  Everything.  Pray continually, without ceasing.  A constant conversation during the day between me and my Father.  He is always there, always listening.  He doesn't leave me.
If you're feeling the life is hard motto strongly right now, take some time in the next week to bring your heart concerns before your Father.  As you do that, you will start to see and feel the change in your heart, in your thoughts, in your attitude.  You will begin the walk toward "God is good even when life is hard."  You will have fresh vision as you keep your focus on Him and not on the struggle you are in.  Grab that driftwood!  Cling to it!  He is steadfast, loving, and good!  Blessings, friends!


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