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Thursday Morning Prayer

Last Thursday, I decided to get up about an hour earlier than I normally do.  This wasn't a planned thing.  I was kind of awake in bed, and I thought that if I got up before my kiddos woke up I could accomplish so much.  The plan formulated in my mind and seemed awesome but did not quite go according to the plan in my head.  :(  I did get up and start my "devotional" time.  I wrote out Psalm 103 in my notebook; there's so much good stuff in there.  Somewhere in the midst of my writing, two of my kiddos came in and sat quietly on my bed while I continued my time.  I asked them to be quiet while I finished up my Bible time, and they did an awesome job of it.  Something shifted in me in that moment.  I was having my digging deeper time with God, and my sweet kids were being sweet.  There was power, precious power, in that moment.  I wrote my prayer out that morning, words just kept flowing onto the paper.  Good words, powerful words!  I thought that the words that poured