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Get Refreshed

Where do you go to get refreshed?  Do you find time or set aside time to refresh yourself?  We need refreshment and rest to really be operating at our best.  God set aside a day for rest for a reason.  He knew we needed that body-refreshing rest to continue on in the work and everyday duties, tasks, and struggles of day-to-day living.  If you were given the choice between two hours of quiet, restful refreshment and a chance to scroll through all the "news" on Facebook for one uninterrupted hour, which option would you choose?  Be honest.  Which option is the one you truly need on a stressful Tuesday when the weekend is still 3 days away?  Or on a Thursday when you've driven three kids to 4 different places, gone through the drive through at your least favorite fast food place for the fifth time this week, and you are pretty sure the shoe you're wearing on your left foot has drool from Fido in it? know what you need...the rest...the refreshment...the time to