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A New Beginning

Have you ever found yourself in one of those seasons that begs you to stay at home and not venture out to try again at relationships and life?  Have you wanted to just throw the towel in, call it a day, and find the perfect cave for the hermit life you're longing for?  I am guessing that if you're honest with yourself you've had those seasons and moments in life not just once but two, three, five times...  Many of us want everyone to think our life is picture perfect.  "All the pieces fit in my puzzle...what's wrong with yours?"  Yet, in the real world, behind closed doors your "picture perfect" is far from being perfect.  In fact, if anyone asked to take a picture, you would find a nice, sweet, hopefully calm way to tell them that your world wasn't the right one for their picture. I have been the one recently to not want to be vulnerable with those around me.  I have been through many acquaintances and even some friendships that have burned to