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Freewriting 7-23-2018

I am looking forward to having peace in my life.   Overwhelming, overflowing, everlasting peace.   Peace that envelopes me from the minute I wake up until I close my eyes for the night.   And dreams full of peace.   God-given, God-touched peace.   Oh yes!   That is what I am most looking forward to right now.   Peace in my mind and my heart.   Peace that I know is flowing through me because the tension is gone from my shoulders and the headaches are gone.   I can sleep through the night and not be awake reading or doing puzzles off and on throughout the night.   Peace!   Such a glorious, and to some, simple thing.   Yet, to me, it feels, at times, unattainable.   Just out of reach.   The needle in the haystack as it were.   Oh why can’t peace surround me, engulf me, cover me?   Why can’t I hang my hat on the peg of peace every night before bed and get up in the morning and put it on for the day?   What a joy that would be!   The knowledge that it’s there on my very own hook just wa