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My 2021 Reading List/Challenge

The last few years I've searched out reading challenges for the new year and attempted some with more success than others.  I have even set out challenges at Shannon Tobias Library for both adults and children.  Some I've done with success; others not so much.  This year I decided to review my TBR (to be read) pile and add on a book discussion group I found on Facebook.  And, if I'm feeling super crazy, I'll add in a challenge I found at Intentional By Grace .  The point for me this year is to actually read more and read more of what I want to read .  I thought I'd share my plan as it stands right now.  Please consider reading one or two or more of these titles along with me.  I would love to hear (read) your comments and thoughts on them. Here is my list so far: - Mr. Pipes and Psalms and Hymns of the Reformation by Douglas Bond I started this series earlier this year or last year, and I have been learning a lot about hymn writers throughout this and the first bo

The End

The end is here!  It feels sad sometimes to reach the end of something.  Doesn't it?  The end of a great book.  The end of the baby stage with your children.  The end of your courtship before you marry your love.  Other times the end of something is heralded throughout the land far and wide (at least your "land").  No more diapers!  Yahoo!  No more lost pacifiers!  Yes!  No more feeding your children only one food they're willing to eat for what feels like months on end.  You started to wonder if your child would turn into a macaroni noodle covered in cheese.  But thankfully now they are willing to eat...french fries too!  Glory! The end can be both final and renewing.  You can clearly see the line marking the end of something good or bad, yet there is something else on the other side of that line.  Adventure?  Excitement?  Wonder?  Worry?  Stress?  The unknown?  So many many many directions...  The world is open to you when you reach the end

The Birds Singing

I heard birds singing early this morning.  What a delight!  There is something about the sound of tweets and chirps that brings about a feeling of comfort and peace in me.  Spring has sprung and birds are out and about their business.  The world is still turning and God is still in control.  I hear one now determinedly sharing a bit of news or trying to get the attention of a friend.  A bird is a message of hope.  In Matthew, birds are mentioned in a passage of Scripture reminding us not to worry.  God takes care of them, provides food for them.  Certainly, we don't need to fret about clothing and food and toilet paper and spending the next 2 weeks in place.  Life feels a bit (okay...maybe more than a bit) overwhelming right now for some of us.  We find ourselves in a place we've never (most likely) been before.  The "unknown" is always a little scary and fretful, yet our Father is where He has always been, doing what He has always done, being who He has always been.